Month: May 2018

A border town without playgrounds

Anthony presents some of the highest risks to infants and young children in a state that is already at rock bottom of the national barrel on child well-being. By the state health department’s reckoning, it’s the third-worst place in New Mexico to be a child.

Land commissioner: Most candidates decline to make their case

We asked the five land commissioner candidates how they would steward our public trust lands and use their office to improve conditions for New Mexico's children. Two responded.

Growing a governor

We asked the four gubernatorial candidates about their childhoods, to understand how their formative years shaped their thinking about what we regard as the most critical issue confronting New Mexico.

Searchlight honored for series on New Mexico’s children

New Mexico Voices for Children awards ‘Raising New Mexico’ project.

A conversation about treatment foster care

Ed Williams speaks with Radio Cafe's Mary-Charlotte Domandi about his investigation into NM's treatment foster care system.