Month: July 2018

For contracts, New Mexico increasingly looks elsewhere

A Searchlight investigation finds billions of taxpayer dollars have flowed out of state since 2013 due to government purchases that are not filled — or cannot be filled — by New Mexico companies.

Here’s how we learned where New Mexico’s vendors are located

The data don't exist in an easy-to-grasp form, so we decided to create and share it.

New Mexico is ignoring its own rules on vendor transparency

Legislators have been pressing the state to clarify where contract dollars flow.

New Mexico lawyer faces death threat over work for immigrants

What happened to Allegra Love and her colleagues, experts say, is a terrifying example of the open threats and unrelenting hostility that immigrant advocates have begun to face nationwide.

Brain Drain: Graduates leaving New Mexico behind

No state can afford to lose high-quality, educated workers, the key ingredient for a thriving economy.

Mississippi’s gains may hold lessons for New Mexico

How does a state climb off the bottom rung in measures of child well-being? Can New Mexico take a cue and move up a few notches itself, by next year?