Month: August 2018

Years of frustration lie behind landmark school lawsuit

Tired of hearing ‘no,’ plaintiff says, taking NM to court was her only option

How the Yazzie lawsuit could be a ‘game-changer’

Judge’s landmark ruling is a chance for reform, experts say

College-focused charter network eyes New Mexico

IDEA schools serve low-income Hispanic students in Texas – and graduate all of them

Charter schools target New Mexico’s at-risk students

Some focus on careers, others on college prep. The question is, do they work?

Native communities harnessing the power of data

Marriages and births. Allies and enemies. Wild game, migration patterns, the number of days of rainfall.

Where trust counts: The census and NM’s border cities

It's an uphill fight for the state's fast-growing south

Underfunded, undercounted: New Mexico at risk in 2020 census

The state’s residents are notoriously hard to count — in 2000, the census undercount amounted to nearly 2 percent or about 35,000 people missed. Here’s why that matters.