Month: October 2020

Strangers in a foreign land

A massive marijuana bust in Farmington represents just a sliver of an ongoing operation on Navajo lands that has now drawn federal investigators

Is New Mexico Ready for Election Day?

Searchlight answers key questions about the 2020 voting process

High and dry

Low flowing Rio Grande leaves valley farmers in a lurch

From detention to deliverance

Teens who’ve been incarcerated need help to change their lives. The Adobe Program gives them the tools.

Intruders holding handmade signs with swastikas, racial slurs disrupt Democratic Party Zoom meeting

Grant County Democratic Party Zoom meeting interrupted by agitators holding handmade Trump signs with swastika, racial slurs

Cruel and Usual

Taos County jail accused of abuse and dysfunction

Spending unmasked

How NM overpaid $330,000 for face masks and the corrections department profited

A letter from the executive director

Searchlight New Mexico's executive director, Sara Solovitch, addresses the Twitter response to our report Chaos and Cannabis.