Year: 2021

Year: 2021

Motel of last resort

Amid a housing crisis, a Motel 6 in Albuquerque offers shelter for those in dire need. | by Luciana Perez Uribe Guinassi and Don J. Usner

Growing pains

The Cannabis Regulation Act could benefit big companies while leaving acequia communities dry | by Annabella Farmer

Scenes from a pandemic

It's been a year and a half of struggle and resilience in the Southwest. Searchlight's photographer documented it all. | by Don J. Usner

Chief adversary

The head of Santa Fe nonprofit New Energy Economy wants New Mexico to control its own utilities. So why don’t other nonprofits have her back? | by Lindsay Fendt

You’ve reached 17,494 students. Please leave a message.

New Mexico paid millions to a Utah company to text, email and phone “disengaged” students. Was it the right call? | by Alicia Inez Guzmán

Illegal notice

In Albuquerque, the eviction moratorium did little to stop landlords from trying to force hundreds of people from their homes | by Dillon Bergin, Ike Swetlitz, and Luciana Perez Uribe Guinassi

Blalock steps down

CYFD Cabinet secretary Brian Blalock replaced by former New Mexico Supreme Court Justice amid growing transparency concerns | by Ed Williams

Locked out

Searchlight New Mexico spent months investigating why state and federal bans failed to stop thousands of evictions during the pandemic | by Kate Schimel and Dillon Bergin

Questions of fairness

CYFD employees asked questions about a major software upgrade. Instead of getting answers, they say they got fired | by Ed Williams

Powerful ties

New Mexico attorney general accused of violating state ethics laws in negotiating utility merger