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Our lives now

Searchlight New Mexico photographer Don Usner documents the most essential stories in New Mexico. See more photos here.

College-focused charter network eyes New Mexico

IDEA schools serve low-income Hispanic students in Texas – and graduate all of them

EL PASO, Texas – The kindergarteners of IDEA Edgemere walked quietly single-file down the hall, their uniforms embroidered with the school logo, left hands behind their backs, right fingers over their lips. Shh. Emblazoned on the wall above their heads, a sign read: “We do whatever it takes.”

Charter schools target New Mexico’s at-risk students

Some focus on careers, others on college prep. The question is, do they work?

Sara Tafoya never pictured herself as one of New Mexico’s at-risk students. She came from a supportive, college-educated family in Albuquerque, had once earned good grades, and entertained dreams of going to college and becoming a physical therapist.

But in her sophomore year, Tafoya “attracted bad situations,” skipping classes – sometimes for weeks at a time. By the time she found out she was pregnant at age 15, she faced a hurdle that typically derails a girl’s education.

Native communities harnessing the power of data

Marriages and births. Allies and enemies. Wild game, migration patterns, the number of days of rainfall.

Like indigenous peoples around the world, they are today reclaiming their place as data researchers.

Where trust counts: The census and NM’s border cities

It's an uphill fight for the state's fast-growing south

In the last 10 years, so much has changed in Sunland Park and elsewhere along the border that observers are girding themselves for what may prove to be a damaging undercount in the 2020 census.

Underfunded, undercounted: New Mexico at risk in 2020 census

The state’s residents are notoriously hard to count — in 2000, the census undercount amounted to nearly 2 percent or about 35,000 people missed. Here’s why that matters.

For contracts, New Mexico increasingly looks elsewhere

Searchlight analysis finds growing reliance on out-of-state vendors

A Searchlight investigation finds billions of taxpayer dollars have flowed out of state since 2013 due to government purchases that are not filled — or cannot be filled — by New Mexico companies.

Here’s how we learned where New Mexico’s vendors are located

Legislators, auditors and business groups have tried for years to answer the question: Where does the state of New Mexico spend its money when it pays independent contractors for goods and services?

The data don't exist in an easy-to-grasp form, so we decided to create and share it.

New Mexico is ignoring its own rules on vendor transparency

New Mexico is over a year late in following a law that compels greater transparency in vendor contracts.

Legislators have been pressing the state to clarify where contract dollars flow.

New Mexico lawyer faces death threat over work for immigrants

‘Credible’ threat followed Fox News broadcast

What happened to Allegra Love and her colleagues, experts say, is a terrifying example of the open threats and unrelenting hostility that immigrant advocates have begun to face nationwide.

Brain Drain: Graduates leaving New Mexico behind

No state can afford to lose high-quality, educated workers, the key ingredient for a thriving economy.

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