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Progress report: Albuquerque neighborhood among many tricky for 2020 census in NM

ALBUQUERQUE – Over the last 40 years, downtown Albuquerque has become a checkerboard of residential, commercial and government properties – all occupying Census Tract 21. There are Old World families who have lived here for generations and immigrant families who come and go. And then there’s Maria Theresa Rodriguez-Ronces, a spry 82-year-old landlord who immigrated […]

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Progress report: Keeping tabs on meds for foster-care kids

In February, Trent John sat down at his desk in the Children, Youth & Families Department and opened up a password-protected Excel spreadsheet. A list of psychotropic medications prescribed to most of the foster-care children in New Mexico popped up on the screen. There were 31 pages chock full of detail about antipsychotics, antidepressants, anticonvulsants, […]

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The price of oil

COUNSELOR — About halfway through a late-April Sunday service at the Living Spring Baptist Church, the sermon took an unusual turn. Pastor Tom Guerito’s exhortations to trust in God and resist sin, delivered mostly in Diné, gave way to a more earthly concern: oil and gas.  “People say, ‘I smell it,’” Guerito told the 20 […]

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First, aid

SOCORRO – Carlos slides through the windowless halls of Socorro High School with the grace of a jaguar, like he owns these disinfected floors, these metal lockers, this 7-foot sculpture of a Native American “Warrior” mascot in its glass case. Tight fade haircut. Zirconia studs glinting in his lobes. Calls himself a “New Mexico pretty […]

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Left Behind

QUESTA – When the fire alarm sounded before lunch in November of 2017, the staff at Alta Vista Elementary School knew they had a problem. A 6-year-old boy confined to a wheelchair needed to evacuate with the rest of his class. Unfortunately, the school had never purchased a chair that would let him leave the […]