Want to write for us?

Searchlight New Mexico will consider pitches for in-depth reporting that uses narrative writing to tell a complex story. We’re particularly interested in investigative reporting, but we’re also a sucker for enterprise stories about child and family well-being; educational, health and racial disparities; criminal justice; and environmental problems – almost any subject that breaks new ground and does so with panache. 
Please limit your pitch to no more than 500 words. Tell us, in an engaging, well-written style, what the story is, why it matters, who the characters are, and why Searchlight is the best place to publish it.
In addition:

  • Review our online archives so you don’t propose a story we’ve already told. If your pitch is related to a subject we’ve written about, tell us how your piece will take it further.
  •  Do sufficient research to know whether the subject you’re proposing has already been written about elsewhere. If the general topic has been widely covered (prison abuses, police brutality, poverty in Indian Country), make sure your story offers compelling new voices and breaks new ground.
  •  Read Searchlight carefully to get a sense of our voice, the depth of our reporting and our approach to storytelling. 
  • Describe some of the main characters in your story. We don’t expect you to know everything about the subject, but we do want to know that you’ve done enough reporting to tell us where the piece is going and who your main sources will be.
  • Pitch stories that have legs and the potential for impact. We are not a deadline-driven publication.
  • If this is your first time working with us, consider pitching a short piece.
Finally, tell us briefly about your journalistic background and send a few clips that show off your best work. No phone calls, please. We do not accept pitches from publicists. We only assign stories to professional journalists and independent writers.
Send your pitch to sara@searchlightnm.org.