Questions of fairness

CYFD employees say they were sidelined or fired for voicing concerns about a ‘sacred cow’ software contract.

Powerful ties

New Mexico attorney general accused of violating state ethics laws in negotiating utility merger

Firing Back

High-level officials accuse the CYFD of retaliation against complaints about Signal and other concerns.

Records without a trace

Records show CYFD destroyed communications on COVID response, other official documents. Employees who complained were fired.

Back to the well

Oil and gas funds everything from campaigns to government functions in New Mexico, complicating the state’s transition away from fossil fuels.

Agency underground

In the state department charged with child welfare, leadership and staff avoid a paper trail with encrypted messaging.

Pine Ridge or Bust

Even as Dineh Benally’s illegal cannabis operations in the Navajo Nation are under ongoing investigation, he’s looking for more opportunities across Indian Country.

Busy signal

New Mexico’s unemployment office is struggling to answer millions of calls for help.

“The court has plans for you”

The system of adult guardianship is intended to protect vulnerable elders. Instead, it’s lining the pockets of lawyers and guardians.

Last Rights

Legalizing the decision to end one’s life