Pine Ridge or Bust

Even as Dineh Benally’s illegal cannabis operations in the Navajo Nation are under ongoing investigation, he’s looking for more opportunities across Indian Country.

Busy signal

New Mexico’s unemployment office is struggling to answer millions of calls for help.

“The court has plans for you”

The system of adult guardianship is intended to protect vulnerable elders. Instead, it’s lining the pockets of lawyers and guardians.

Last Rights

Legalizing the decision to end one’s life

Is New Mexico Ready for Election Day?

Searchlight answers key questions about the 2020 voting process

Intruders holding handmade signs with swastikas, racial slurs disrupt Democratic Party Zoom meeting

Grant County Democratic Party Zoom meeting interrupted by agitators holding handmade Trump signs with swastika, racial slurs

Spending unmasked

How NM overpaid $330,000 for face masks and the corrections department profited

Wired for success

How Navajo Technical University prepared for an unprecedented school year

Down for the count

The 2020 census is doing a number on rural America. In places like Lordsburg, New Mexico, that could spell doom.

A voting primer

With November 3 approaching, this page has the information you need.