Photo by Jack W. Aeby/Department of Defense

The Atomic Hereafter

My nuclear family

The following essay by Alicia Inez Guzmán, the reporter responsible for this coverage, sets out to describe her personal and family history with the Lab. Her essay also serves as an act of disclosure. None of us has the luxury of disinterest when it comes to nuclear proliferation but it can be argued that Alicia has a more personal connection than most journalists.

The ABCs of a nuclear education

New Mexico’s local colleges are training students to work in a plutonium pit factory. What does this mean for their future — and the world’s?

Plutonium by degrees

How local colleges are preparing LANL’s future workforce

Safety lapses at Los Alamos National Laboratory

A history of flooding, an earthquake and little fires in the belly of the beast

The terrible emptiness of “Oppenheimer”

The blockbuster movie leaves out the real story’s main characters: New Mexicans