New Mexico’s nuclear rush

A massive nuclear waste site near Carlsbad is seemingly on a fast track. Can the company behind it be trusted?

High and dry

Low flowing Rio Grande leaves valley farmers in a lurch

Power switch

As New Mexico swaps coal for renewables, San Juan County struggles to chart a new future 

Wastewater, wastewater everywhere

In the Permian Basin, a new kind of boom

Death Highway

A massive oil boom in the Permian Basin has turned rural roads into deadly highways

In hot water: The dangerous side of a renewable energy project

From the outset, local residents had questioned Cyrq’s assertion that it could pump geothermal water from thousands of feet down and reinject it at similar depths without tainting the shallow, freshwater aquifer. Like many places in New Mexico, the health of the local farm and ranch economy is rooted to the water. So are the lives of the scattered people who live in the Animas Basin.

Here, there and everywhere: Avoiding PFAS

The chemicals known collectively as PFAS are in everything from dental floss to outdoor gear. But consumers can make informed choices.

Toxic timeline: A brief history of PFAS

Research in the 1940s and '50s led to the commercialization and widespread use of PFAS, substances that are now found in the bloodstream of almost all Americans.

Till the cows come home

Contamination of the water supply for Highland Dairy in Clovis likely means the end of operations – and raises health concerns for area residents.