Criminal Justice

A Black life ends in a New Mexico police shooting

A state police officer shot and killed Rodney Applewhite on a barren road south of Albuquerque. A week later, his shattered family still has no information about why, and how, his life ended.

From detention to deliverance

Teens who’ve been incarcerated need help to change their lives. The Adobe Program gives them the tools.

Cruel and Usual

Taos County jail accused of abuse and dysfunction

A virus knows no bars

Private prison operator CoreCivic is accused of ignoring a COVID-19 outbreak, putting inmates and the community at risk.

Pay up or lockup

Housing shortage kept cash-poor parolees behind bars

“Screaming for help”

Imprisoned migrants seeking better prison conditions describe an attack by pepper-spraying guards

“We’re sitting ducks”

As coronavirus swept through a halfway house, state officials reported nothing

The Rise of the Anti-Lockdown Sheriffs

Opposition to stay-at-home orders is the latest example of a history of powerful sheriffs, a history that stretches back to the end of slavery and the settling of the frontier. 

Bars behind?

Access to soap is a vital concern for inmates during the COVID-19 outbreak

On lockdown

Social distancing, recommended to limit the spread of COVID-19, is not an option in ICE detention facilities