This conversation hosted by Searchlight features environmental journalist Laura Paskus discussing New Mexico’s climate future. Following years of research and reporting for her recent book, At the Precipice: New Mexico’s Changing Climate, Paskus will share her experiences dissecting some of the expected and unexpected environmental predicaments New Mexico now faces. Searchlight Managing Editor Kate Schimel will host the event. Topics to be discussed range from the mass migratory bird die-off to reforestation and water issues.

Paskus and Schimel will also cover what to expect from the upcoming state and federal legislatures and how local media cover climate change. A question-and-answer portion will follow the discussion.

Bring your questions and concerns to the table. Please spread the word and join us on February 4.

We’re also hiring an environment reporter. If you have ideas for what they should cover in New Mexico, write to us here.

Where: Broadcast via Zoom Webinar, instructions for accessing the broadcast/live stream 
When: Thursday, February 4, 4pm MT


Moderated by Kate Schimel, Managing Editor of Searchlight New Mexico.

Meet the speaker

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Laura Paskus is the environment reporter for New Mexico PBS and produces the monthly series, “Our Land: New Mexico’s Environmental Past, Present, and Future.” She has been writing about New Mexico’s natural resources and communities since 2002.

At the Precipice explores the question that haunts so many of us: What kind of world are we leaving to our children? Here in New Mexico and the Southwest, climate change has been silently wreaking havoc: Average temperatures in the Upper Rio Grande Basin are increasing at double the global average, super fires like Las Conchas have devastated mountains, and sections of the Rio Grande are drying up.

Read more about the book and buy it here.